On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your work?On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your life?If there was one thing that you could change, what would it be?How confident are you about achieving that?How are you going to support yourself?

Enter Coaching.Get the clarity, confidence and resilience you need to achieve your goals and thrive thanks to my tailored coaching programmes.

"Patricia's coaching sessions have helped me look at projects and opportunities with a more constructively critical view and build a life that stays true to my values and identity, work more effectively and maintain a better work-life balance." – Sandra Evans, Founder & CEO of SE Health Policy and of Community Bridges C.I.C."

My Coaching Practice

I am a professional Leadership and Personal Development coach accredited at Practicioner level by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC). I help you acquire the critical skills, mindsets, and practices needed to thrive in work and life.By engaging you in a thought-provoking creative process, I help you clarify your vision, values and purpose. A tailored coaching programme will help you define meaningful goals and formulate a strategic roadmap that works for you and enables you to progress toward your goals - while enjoying the process too. Coaching is there to support you: you are the one who controls the programme goals, action points and content of each session to best support you.Leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence, career/life planning and change management are some examples of the skills my clients develop through my coaching programmes.

I found the coaching sessions really insightful, practical and motivating. Patricia’s coaching style is very pragmatic, which I really appreciated. It was easy to see the progress we were making, acknowledge this progress and be held accountable for future change. Coaching with Patricia really helped me to have more confidence in my skills as a leader, and to understand that there are different types of leaders." – Laura Ford, MA, Sustainability Advisor and Founder of Circulo C.I.C.

My Coaching

My intention is to equip you with a range of empowering competencies, tools, and practices that help you lead your personal and professional life with greater confidence and resilience. Ultimately, these new skills and toolkits will help you sustain your efforts and thrive long after our coaching sessionsAll sessions are held in full confidentiality – I abide by the EMCC Code of Ethics & Diversity. A public testimonial is always appreciated, but these can also be kept confidential.Coaching sessions are hosted on a 1-2-1 basis over Zoom or in South London, and at a rhythm and frequency that best support you. Each session lasts 1 hour and is flexibly scheduled at your own convenience.

"Patricia is extremely positive and encouraging. One of my goals was improving my confidence: a continuous focus on this in our sessions, combined with Patricia's support and frameworks, really helped me make significant progress in just a few months." – Founder & CEO of a Sustainable-fashion brand

Meet Patricia

My background is in marketing and business development, I have over 17 years of experience helping global brands and local start-ups grow their businesses and lead high-performing cross-functioal teams. Over the last 4 years, I've focused my time on supporting social ventures and I've also trained as a professional Leadership & Personal Development coach to qualify at Practitioner level.I also coach entrepreneurs with positive social or environmental goals at Cambridge Social Ventures, and I am always looking to increase my positive social impact through coaching, mentoring and NED roles. I also offer discounted rates to social ventures.Some of my writing:

"I’ve only done coaching once before and Patricia’s style is much more effective. She doesn't try to give solutions but uses techniques to help me create and draw out my own where I feel stuck, which is significantly more effective. She’s engaging, structured and feels trustworthy." – Consultant, Real Estate Management

Coaching Packages

Start with a FREE intro call to discuss your needs and expectations, and find out if coaching is right for you.Book a flexible coaching programme as a 3-session pack for £144 (£48 per 1hr session) or a 6-session pack for £270 (£45 per 1hr session) with the option to cancel any time and be refunded for unused sessions.Packs are valid for 6 months from the date of the first session. Charities, social enterprises and NHS staff receive discounted rates.

"Sessions were positive and uplifting. I appreciate the different tools used by Patricia to encourage me to work out what I want, what is important to me, and how to get there. Coaching helped me think bigger, stay focused and appreciate what I’ve achieved." – Occupational Therapist & Yoga Teacher

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